Kong 2.1.1 released!

Hi folks!

We’re happy to announce Kong 2.1.1. This is a release containing only bugfixes thanks to all your feedback on the new Kong 2.1 series! It contains no new features or breaking changes.

:package: Download Kong 2.1.1 and upgrade your cluster !

:warning: Note that, even though this is a patch release, there are new migrations in this version for Cassandra. The migration procedure is described in UPGRADE.md.

The fixes included on this release are:

  • Kong no longer rejects valid characters (as specified in the RFC 3986) in the path attribute of the Service entity
  • Fixed a regression in a Cassandra migration where empty values in some entities would be incorrectly migrated
  • Fixed the memory reporting of kong.node.get_memory_stats() PDK method (it was incorrectly reported in kilobytes, rather than bytes)
  • Fixed memory values in the /status Admin API endpoint (thanks to the PDK fix above!)
  • rate-limiting: fixed the behavior of limit_by = "service" when the plugin is globally-applied, ensuring it counts rate limits by individual Service as expected
  • rate-limiting: fix an issue where a TTL would not be set to some Redis keys

:spiral_notepad: More detail and PR links are available at the 2.1.1 Changelog .

:whale: The updated official Docker image will be live soon on Docker Hub .

Happy Konging!


Just saw this post, can confirm all the fixes listed validated out on our side as well :slight_smile: . Thanks for the speedy fixes and release.

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