Kong 2.0.2 released!

Hello everyone,

We just released Kong 2.0.2 . This is a bugfix release, with no new features or breaking changes.

:package: Download Kong 2.0.2 and upgrade your cluster !

The main fixes on this release are:

  • Fix issue related to race condition in Cassandra select each method
  • Fix an issue when running a control plane with multiple data planes
  • Fix propagation of posted health across workers
  • Fix broken SNI based routing in L4 proxy mode
  • Enable the ACME plugin by default

:spiral_notepad: More detail and PR links are available at the 2.0.2 Changelog .

:whale: The updated Docker image will be live soon on Docker Hub .

Happy Konging!


Hi team,

It has been 5 days since this release.
Can you please push kong:2.0.2-alpine to Docker Hub?

Hi team,
Any update regards the docker images?


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