Kong 1.0.2 released


Hi everyone,

We just released Kong 1.0.2. This version mainly addresses an issue preventing Kong to connect to its datastore over TLS, introduced in 1.0.1.

:package: Download Kong 1.0.2 and upgrade your cluster!

The highlights of this release are:

  • Fix an issue that would prevent Kong from starting when connecting to
    its datastore over TLS.
  • Ensure plugins added via PUT get enabled without requiring a restart.
  • Fixes to the Zipkin plugin.

:spiral_notepad: A complete list of fixes can be seen in the 1.0.2 Changelog (no new features nor breaking changes).

:whale: The updated Docker image will be live shortly, as usual.

Special thanks to @jeremyjpj0916 for reporting the TLS regression introduced in 1.0.1!

Happy Konging!


Thanks for the quick turnaround time on the fixes, looking forward to giving 1.0.2 a go over the next few days.


Thanks for this!

But, Docker images for 1.0.2 seem to be missing on Docker Hub?


As always, the PR is up, this depends on Docker.


Update: the 1.0.2 image is now on Docker Hub.