Kong 1.0.2 released

Hi everyone,

We just released Kong 1.0.2. This version mainly addresses an issue preventing Kong to connect to its datastore over TLS, introduced in 1.0.1.

:package: Download Kong 1.0.2 and upgrade your cluster!

The highlights of this release are:

  • Fix an issue that would prevent Kong from starting when connecting to
    its datastore over TLS.
  • Ensure plugins added via PUT get enabled without requiring a restart.
  • Fixes to the Zipkin plugin.

:spiral_notepad: A complete list of fixes can be seen in the 1.0.2 Changelog (no new features nor breaking changes).

:whale: The updated Docker image will be live shortly, as usual.

Special thanks to @jeremyjpj0916 for reporting the TLS regression introduced in 1.0.1!

Happy Konging!


Thanks for the quick turnaround time on the fixes, looking forward to giving 1.0.2 a go over the next few days.

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Thanks for this!

But, Docker images for 1.0.2 seem to be missing on Docker Hub?

As always, the PR is up, this depends on Docker.

Update: the 1.0.2 image is now on Docker Hub.