Kong 1.1.2 released

Hello Kong people!

We just released Kong 1.1.2 . This is a maintenance release in the 1.1 series, including bugfixes from the past few weeks.

:package: Download Kong 1.1.2 and upgrade!

Being a stable patch release, there are no new features or breaking changes. The highlights of this release are:

  • several fixes for DB-less mode
  • DAO fixes for advanced use cases
  • plugin fixes for basic-auth, http-log, request-transformer and rate-limiting

:spiral_notepad: A more detailed list can be seen in the 1.1.2 Changelog .

:whale: The updated Docker image is also live.




Why is not available on https://bintray.com/kong/kong-community-edition-alpine-tar?

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We renamed the packages, and removed the community, and now we are pissing the community :-). Well the name change is good in a long run, and you can find the package here:


Thanks, i need to change my CI/CD :slight_smile: