Kong 2.1.2 released, with an important bugfix

Hello folks,

:warning: May I have your attention please! Announcing Kong 2.1.2, which contains an important bugfix for the behavior of Upstream retries on the event of Target failures. The problem affects versions 2.1.0 and 2.1.1. If you are running 2.1.1 or 2.1.0, an immediate mitigation for these releases is described here, but if you are running these versions, you are urged to upgrade.

:package: Download Kong 2.1.2 and follow the instructions to upgrade your cluster !

There are no new migrations in 2.1.2, but 2.1.1 does include a new migration for Cassandra. The migration procedure is described in UPGRADE.md.

The fixes included on this release are:

  • Balancer retries no longer cause incorrect requests to be sent to subsequent upstream connections of unrelated requests. #6224
  • Indexing of plugins when building the plugin iterator now always gets the correct workspace identifier. #6206
  • Reentrancy of Cassandra migrations for 2.1.0 was improved. #6206
  • kong.response.error PDK function respects gRPC related content types. #6214

:spiral_notepad: 2.1.2 Changelog

:whale: The updated official Docker image will be live shortly on Docker Hub .

Special thanks to Nham Le for reporting the issue. We are sorry about the inconvenience caused and pushed a release as soon as we managed to track down the problem.

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