Kong 2.1.4 is released!

Hi folks!

While Kong 2.2 is still cooking (and you’re encouraged to try the 2.2-alpha.1!), we did not lose track of the stable branch, and we’re happy to announce Kong 2.1.4. As a patch release, it contains only bugfixes; no new features or breaking changes.

:package: Download Kong 2.1.4 and upgrade your cluster !

:fireworks: Also, this is the first release including an Alpine-based ARM64 Docker image!

The fixes included on this release are:

  • :gear: Fix issue where kong reload would occasionally leave stale workers locked at 100% CPU.
  • :gear: Hybrid Mode: more informative error message when the Control Plane cannot be reached.
  • :keyboard: kong hybrid gen_cert now reports “permission denied” errors correctly when it fails to write the certificate files.
  • :electric_plug: acl: bumped to 3.0.1
    • Fix regression in a scenario where an ACL plugin with a deny clause was configured for a group that does not exist would cause a HTTP 401 when an authenticated plugin would match the anonymous consumer. The behavior is now restored to that seen in Kong 1.x and 2.0.
  • :electric_plug: request-transformer: bumped to 1.2.7
    • Fix the construction of the error message when a template throws a Lua error.

:spiral_notepad: More info and PR links are available at the 2.1.4 Changelog .

:whale: The updated official Docker image will be live soon on Docker Hub — the unofficial one at kong/kong is available now!

As always, Happy Konging!

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