New patch release available: Kong 1.0.3

Hi everyone,

We just released Kong 1.0.3. This is a patch release addressing several regressions introduced in some plugins, and improving the robustness of our migrations and core components.

:package: Download Kong 1.0.3 and follow the recommended upgrade path!

The main fixes included in this release are:

  • request-transformer: fix a regression causing the upstream Host header to be unconditionally set to that of the client request (effectively, as if the Route had preserve_host enabled).
  • cors: fix a regression that prevented regex origins from being matched. Regexes such as (.*[.])?example\.org can now be used to match all sub-domains, while regexes containing : will be evaluated against the scheme and port of an origin (i.e. ^https?://(.*[.])?example\.org(:8000)?$ ).
  • Ensure Routes that don’t have a regex_priority (e.g. if it was removed as part of a PATCH ) don’t prevent the router from being built.
  • Improve Cassandra schema consensus logic when running migrations.

:spiral_notepad: A complete list of fixes can be seen in the 1.0.3 Changelog (no new features nor breaking changes).

:whale: The updated Docker image will be live shortly, as usual.

Kudos to @jeremyjpj0916, @mars, and @gchristidis for promptly reporting these issues!

Happy Konging!

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