Kong 1.4.2 released

Hello everyone,

We just released Kong 1.4.2 . This is another bugfix release in the 1.4 series, patching a couple of recent regressions.

:warning: Note: Be aware that since Kong 1.4.1, the limit of 16384 worker connections was removed, and it now respects your ulimit -n setting even if it is above that number. This had the observed side-effect of increased memory consumption if your ulimit -n setting is much higher than 16384. We did not revert this change on 1.4.2 (since some users may benefit from the higher settings and the arbitrary limit could arguably considered a “bug” to them, and you can set ulimit -n 16384 in your environment and get the old behavior back), but we would like to hear your feedback on this behavior. Our current plan is to make this easier to configure in Kong 2.0, but the default behavior in the 1.4 series is still up for consideration.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

:package: Download Kong 1.4.2 and upgrade your cluster!

The main fixes on this release are:

  • prometheus: Fixed a regression in the api.lua support code for plugins which had impacted the Prometheus plugin
  • http-log: Fixed a memory consumption issue with the default behavior of http-log
  • Fixes for health update propagation across the cluster, and some other balancer corner cases

:spiral_notepad: Details and PR links are available at the 1.4.2 Changelog.

:whale: The updated Docker image will be live soon on Docker Hub.

Happy Konging, looking to hear your feedback!

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