Deploy Kong in Kubernetes (Migrating from ECS )

Hi Team,
I am migrating kong deployment from ECS to Kubernetes and deploying kong using the Kubernetes guide of kong.
I have the following use case

  1. What steps would be required to deploy KONG with Postgres in EKS(for testing purpose). We are taking the configuration dynamically from the service provider, so the static configuration of service/rout/plugin will not work. Here Actually I am confused about the first step . I have referred the doc but about the k8 cluster and prerequisite ot sure.

  2. The second case is after POC, our Kubernetes is being managed by our sysops team and they have created multiple namespaces for multiple teams. I have only admin access of particular namespace, I went through the documentation of kong how to deploy and observed it is needed cluster level access for creating the few resources.

  3. My current deployment based on ECS ALB->Target Group–>ECS
    i. we have exposed management API internally to do dynamic configuration(create service, route,
    consumer, upstream and apply plugin), NO static configuration only configuration through MGMT
    ii. Serving Proxy Traffic in other ports and exposed to the external world.
    Please suggest me, what needs to be done to achieve the same deployment group in EKS.

I have a question can I deploy kong in a namespace level successfully to handle for production traffic

You are deploying Kong for Kubernetes, which installs Kong as an Ingress Controller for your cluster. In this case, if you want to manage configuration of Kong, you need to use Ingress and CRDs.

If you want to use Kong’s management API to do it, then you should install Kong as an application.

Hi @hbagdi ,
I have deployed Kong admin and kong proxy in kubernetes (pods , service,)
Now both services are behind the nlb loadbalcer.

Mat i know is it going to be correct approach?
Actually we are planning to divert our ecs production traffic to kubernetes services