Kong Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

Last week, we announced the release of the Kong Ingress Controller for Kubernetes, a tool to help bridge the gap in deploying Kong onto Kubernetes, and ensure its full integration into the Cloud Native landscape of today.

Deploying Kong onto Kubernetes has always been an easy process, mostly thanks to Kong’s platform agnosticism. However, the integration of services managed by Kubernetes with Kong still used to remain a manual process and involve some extra integration effort. No more!

By integrating with the Kubernetes Ingress Controller specifications, Kong directly ties into the Kubernetes lifecycle, and as applications are deployed and new services created, Kong will automatically live-configure itself to serve traffic to these services:

This pattern, enabled by the Kong Ingress Controller, follows the Kubernetes philosophy of using declarative resources to define what we want to happen, rather than the historical imperative model of configuring servers how we want them to be.

The Kong Ingress Controller is open source, and ready to use and receive feedback and contributions:

More can be read about it on the announcement blog post, including a introduction talk given by @thefosk at one of our community meetups, and a deployment example to help you use Kong on Kubernetes.

If you have questions or comments about using the Kong Ingress Controller for Kubernetes, or using Kong on Kubernetes in general, don’t hesitate to ask in our new dedicated Kubernetes Category!



Super neat stuff here, will have some Kubernetes/Openshift devs digest some of this documentation. Goodbye HAProxy and hello Kong right :wink: ? Would be neat to see a side by side comparison of the two from features and performance perspective.

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I’m just looking into deploying this - looks awesome! I’ve found some great guides on the GitHub (https://github.com/Kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller/tree/master/docs/deployment) but noticed there isn’t one for Amazon EKS. Is this the place for requesting one? I’m new to K8s in general, so any extra guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @austince,

EKS, GKE or any other managed k8s environements are really Kubernetes cluster.
If we need to create a guide for each provider, we as a Kubernetes community are failing to provide a cloud provider agnostic experience. For this reason, we’ve been a little skeptical on adding a doc for every cluster.

Having said that, I feel that there will always be some configuration that is specific to a cloud provider. I feel that we can link to a doc that points out the cloud provider specific config details, the Ingress Controller for the most part, doesn’t use any cloud provider specific implementations except a Load-Balancer.

I’d say that you go ahead and try using the existing deployments and seek help if you run into any issues.

Hi @hbagdi,

Totally understand and agree! Was just wondering because it seems like there is a specific document for most other leading managed Kubernetes solutions. I’ll follow those and see if I run into issues. If I find any good AWS EKS specific details, I’ll be sure to comment back with them / a link.