Kong Ingress Controller 0.5.0 released

Hello all,

We are very excited to release Kong Ingress Controller 0.5.0.

This is a long awaited release and comes with features and fixes and enables new deployment methods.

Here are some major highlights:

  • Automated TLS certificates: Use Kong and cert-manager to automatically
    provision and use certificates from Let’s Encrypt or any ACME based CA.
  • Kong Enterprise workspaces: Any workspace can be managed in Kong
    Enterprise. Multiple Ingress Controller can now be run, configuring different
    workspaces in Kong Enterprise.
  • Tagging support: Ingress Controller now tags each entity that it manages
    in Kong (requires Kong 1.1). This means that part of Kong’s configuration,
    such as Consumers and Credentials can now be created using Kong’s Admin API
    and these won’t be deleted by the Ingress Controller.
  • Consumer-level plugins: plugins.konghq.com annotation is now supported
    on KongConsumer resource.
  • Kong 1.2 is now supported.
  • bug-fixes and performance enhancements!

Checkout the complete 0.5.0 Changelog for details.
Get started with using Kong for Ingress of your Kubernetes clusters today!

Happy Konging!