Kong Ingress Controller 0.6 released

Hello folks,

We are thrilled to announce the new Kong Ingress Controller 0.6!
This is a big release packed with features and fixes for Kong and Kong Enterprise.

Here are some highlights of the new release:

  • Service mesh Compatibility: Kong Ingress Controller can now be used as
    an entry-point for all traffic into an Istio based service-mesh and becomes
    a part of the mesh itself.
  • Admission Controller: Kong Ingress Controller now ships with an Admission
    Controller for configuration.konghq.com API-group.
  • KongCredentials enhancements: Multiple credentials and live syncing
    of credentials is supported.
  • networking.k8s.io API group support: Ingress resources created under
    networking API-group are now supported.
  • Kong 1.3 support: Header based routing and new load-balancing algorithms
  • Kustomize: Users can now use kustomize to tweak the reference deployment
    as per their needs. Both, DB and DB-less modes are supported.
  • Deployment: Kong Ingress Controller now always runs as a
    side-car to Kong and the deployment has been simplified for operational ease.

Please read the entire changelog for details.

Get started with using Kong for Ingress of your Kubernetes clusters today!

Happy Konging!