Kong K8´s Ingress

Hi Kong Team,

i read there is default integration with kong 13.0 into kubernetes as ingress controller ? have you released some installations ?

Hello, i have the same doubt…

The release 0.13 is the best one of the last times… Mainly because now we have native support to Kong as Ingress Controller in K8S.

In April 11, we have a meetup with the matter Introducing Kubernetes Ingress Controller for Kong.

At this moment i am build a cluster of k8s, and using the kong as api gateway inside the cluster.
But Kong act behind a default nginx ingress controller, and kong is the only backend of this ingress.

I want to know how works the support to kong as ingress controller, and i cant wait to meetup in April. Furthermore I am in Brazil, so i hope this meetup is streamed, else it will more dificult of participate.

We have an documentation about the config of Kong as Ingress Controller in K8S that i can follow?

Thanks, regards…

Hi Thiago,

The Kong Ingress controller works as a separated deployment from Kong. Inside this Kubernetes deployment, we also deploy Kong as a sidecar in control-plane mode so all the communication with the ingress controller is local.

Unfortunately, you will need to wait for the official launch in April to get access to the ingress controller and documentation.

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Hi aledbf,

I am running with the same model with Thiago, which is “Kong act behind a default nginx ingress controller”

So if Kong v0.13 is released with ingress controller, how will it fit with my model ? Kong ingress controll wil replace nginx ingress controller ?


Best Regards,

In this case, you can replace the nginx ingress controller and expose Kong directly.
Please check the minikube guide to see exactly how it works https://github.com/Kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller/blob/master/deploy/minikube.md

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I forgot to mention that using the Kong Ingress controller means you only can expose services with Ingress rules and custom Kubernetes types. If you already are using Kong you must run the Ingress controller as a separate Kong cluster.

Also, keep in mind the ingress controller deletes all the content (Routes, Services, and Upstreams) that are not defined with Ingress (this limitation is defined in the roadmap)

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Great! we will try it out!

it works! Thanks for good work…

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