Any News on Kong Ingress Controller?


since a month there is stop on working (Pull-Request are open) on the github project “kubernetes-ingress-controller”. Is there a reason ? I would be happy if some of the pull request be aproved!

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is this Project dead?

Hi @Arek_Czarnik,

No, the Kong Ingress Controller is not dead. After an initial push, our teams got busy with the CE 0.14.0 and EE 0.33 releases, but we are in fact dedicating a new full time team to the project. Expect some activity soon; sorry for the delay on our side!


Another update here: since last week, @hbagdi1 has been giving some love to the controller and taking care or things!

Feedback and pull requests are still very much welcome, and thank you for the nudge @Arek_Czarnik :slight_smile:

Here we go: version 0.1.0 of the Kubernetes Ingress Controller released!

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