Installation/setup of kong in kubernetes

Hi Team,
I have tried to search available resources for guidance of kong setup in kubernetes. But wondering could not get any document those can give me understanding about my requirement or use case.
Currently We are deploying kong image(along with custom plugin) along with RDS in ECS.
Here service/route/plugin configuration is being done by management rest api call
Proxy traffic identified the service based on hostname (we are using host based routing)

Now while i am moving into kubernetes i observed and found resources for declarative configuration only but my use case is to configure/update services at run time as kong is being used by multiple team for their Apis.

my baisc question is

  1. Is declarative configuration enough to support my use case? is any service wants to come behind kong they provide a manifest file and we will create resources?
    1.1 if it is possible how update of configuration will work ? If again they will share manifest file and we wants to run the same manifest how kong will react and how much time kong will take for synchronization?

My question is is it possible to support runtime configuration using custom ingress resource with dbless/db mode.