Adding service, route and rate-limit on Kong on EKS

I have installed Kong on the EKS cluster using kubectl apply -f

Without having to access to the pods, I need to service, route, rate limit and consumer to Kong, from the Git Pipeline.

How can this be achieved? covers an example basic configuration that demonstrates the Kubernetes resources used to create route/service/plugin configuration using the controller. and cover the various Kong-specific resources in more detail. Much of the KongIngress configuration can also be applied through annotations:

You’ll create and stage those resource manifests in your Git repo and have your CD system apply them to the Kubernetes cluster. Once they’re created, the controller creates the appropriate Kong configuration automatically.

My actual task is to do Kong Migration from Kong (With Postgres DB) running on RHEL server to Kong on EKS cluster.

To achieve the same, I’ve dumped kong.yml file using deck, from the Kong (With Postgres DB).
I need to use this kong.yml (it has service, route, rate-limit & request-transformer), and load it to Kong on EKS cluster.

I would use helm to install the kong on the EKS cluster.

helm install kong/kong --generate-name --set ingressController.installCRDs=false

Question is, can I pass the kong.yml as an argument to helm while executing the command? If not what is an easy suggested solution?

Hi Please ignore above question from last post, i am fix this issue.

Thanks for sharing the details.