Kong CE 0.14.1 released

Hi everyone!

We just rolled out Kong CE 0.14.1, which contains a few bug fixes and minor new plugins features. Interestingly, this is the first time that half of the features and fixes in this release are contributed by the community!

:package: Download Kong CE 0.14.1 and upgrade your cluster!

:fireworks: The highlights for this release:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic) .deb package
  • Plugins
    • jwt: Support for tokens signed with HS384 and HS512.
    • acl: Add a new hide_groups_header option.
  • Fix a few issues with the new Zipkin plugin.
  • Fix an issue causing some plugins to inject invalid Consumer headers in upstream requests.
  • Fix an issue which prevented the use of unix domain sockets in some logging plugins.

:spiral_notepad: See a complete list of fixes in the 0.14.1 Changelog. This release does not contain any breaking changes or migrations.

The Docker image will of course be updated shortly!

We’d like to give a huge thank you to the contributors who reported several of the issues in this release and/or submitted their patches: @jeremyjpj0916, @aloisbarreras, @kepkin, @francois-maillard, and others!

Happy Konging!


Tested and working well for us now :slight_smile: ! Even cooler when I get to see my pr visible in a UI as functionality:


I don’t think many companies out there can brag that they can take community PRs and turn it into a minor release version in what felt like 2-3 days(I luckily hit close to when you intended to do the release :stuck_out_tongue: ). Bravo!


The 0.14.1 image is now available on Docker Hub!