Kong CE 0.14.0 released

Hi everyone!

After a couple of weeks of release candidates, we are extremely excited to announce that we have tagged and released Kong CE 0.14.0!

This release is without questions one of the largest in terms of new features and ground-breaking improvements that should push Kong to new heights. It also contains quite a lot of bug fixes to critical components such as the health-checks, DNS resolver, and the Admin API.

The main highlights of this release are:

  • :fireworks: The first version of the Plugin Development Kit, which is to become the new official, forward-compatible way of writing plugins.
  • :fireworks: Four newly bundled (and open source) plugins help Kong integrating better with Cloud Native environments:
    • Zipkin
    • Prometheus
    • Azure Functions
    • Serverless Functions
  • :fireworks: A new mechanism for dynamically injecting Nginx directives should help you get rid of your custom Nginx configuration template if you use one.
  • Kong plugins are now executed on Nginx-produced errors (HTTP 4xx or 5xx), which allows logging plugins to report them.
  • Cookie-based load balancing support :cookie:
  • Support for PUT requests in the Admin API’s modern endpoints (Services/Routes/Consumers/Certificates).
  • And as previously mentioned, a lot of bug fixes!

:page_facing_up: The complete changelog can be browsed on GitHub: Kong CE 0.14.0 Changelog.

:package: The distribution packages are available for download in our usual community repositories, and the Docker Images have been published.

:rocket: Our 0.14 Upgrade Path has a complete list of all breaking changes.

:books: The documentation for 0.14 is available online, at: https://docs.konghq.com/0.14.x. Additionally, we started writing up about the new 0.14 features and their benefits in our announcement blog post.

Thanks to the few folks who gave a try to the release candidates and reported a few bugs that slipped in (:wave: @jeremyjpj0916)!

And of course, thank you to our open source contributors, core maintainers (@hisham @bungle @kikito) and other Kong Inc. employees who all contributed a great lot to this release!

Happy Konging!