Kong CE 0.13.1 released

Hi everyone,

We just published Kong CE 0.13.1, a minor release with numerous bug fixes and a few minor new features!

Download Kong CE 0.13.1 and give it a try.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Most of the no memory errors have been addressed. Users with custom Nginx template can update it to benefit from these fixes. See instructions in the Changelog.
  • Database cache misses are now stored in a separate memory zone to reduce cache turnover and increase performance and reliability.
  • Nginx’s stdout and stderr is now properly redirected to kong start when Nginx runs in the foreground, such as within the Kong Docker image.
  • kong start now verifies that the Cassandra or PostgreSQL instance falls within the supported version range and shows deprecation warnings.
  • Numerous bug fixes were made to the CLI, Admin API, and plugins…

See the 0.13.1 Changelog for a complete list of changes and bug fixes in this release.

Since this is a minor release, no migration and no Nginx configuration changes are required.

However, some of the aforementioned no memory fixes will only be effective after the appropriate Nginx shared memory zones are defined. If you are using a custom Nginx configuration template, you may define the following zones:

lua_shared_dict kong_db_cache_miss 12m;
lua_shared_dict kong_rate_limiting_counters 12m;

Ignore this if you are not using a custom Nginx configuration template, those zones are defined in the bundled template.

Happy Konging!


https://github.com/Kong/docker-kong need some checksum/upgrade updates here.

@jeremyjpj0916 We are working on it. Release != distributions. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, was just too excited for 13.1 I suppose :smiley: , was browsing https://bintray.com/kong/kong-community-edition-alpine-tar/alpine-tar/0.13.1 to see if it gave checksum info hah.

Edit, figured it out : caf119ce7a367b9d9cd1ace55c4b6a499ff3c4693f80ea25129ebf2da0373fcc


Is it possible to download rhel6 image of this version somewhere?

Sorry, RHEL6 images are only available starting with Kong CE 0.14.0 and above.