Kong CE 0.12.3 & 0.13.0rc2 released

Two new versions have just be made public: 0.12.3 & 0.13.0rc2.

Both versions suppress a memory leak introduced in 0.12.2 and 0.13.0rc1 - more details in the Changelog.

CE 0.12.3

This version is now considered the latest stable. Users running on the 0.12 family of releases are encouraged to upgrade to this new version. As usual, minor iterations do not introduce any migration or breaking changes.

CE 0.13.0rc2

This release candidate is still considered available for testing. As a release candidate, we discourage the use of 0.13.0rc2 in production environments, but we strongly encourage testers to give it a try and give us your feedback! This forum is a great way to ask questions or post feedback, and the GitHub issues are still the de facto place for bug reports.

Thank you

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Updating docker Kong repo? - https://github.com/Kong/docker-kong/commits/master/alpine/Dockerfile ? Waiting on that fresh SHA256 :slight_smile:

Edit - See the changes were made, thx.

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