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I’m not really sure if this belongs in this section, but it seemed the most appropriate place.

I’m using Kong CE, and along with that, the community repository. It has been working very well until recently, when I noticed that a release candidate version is being pushed in the updates. I’m using Kong CE in production sites, so I’d rather not update to RC versions there, but at the same time, I understand you guys want us to test these releases.
Would it be possible to set up two repos: stable and testing, in order to keep these different releases separated and prevent accidents?

Kong 12.x has been officially release already though so no more RC concern. If you are deploying via docker they already provide what I consider an adequate pattern for deploying specific versions:

Take a look: https://github.com/Kong/docker-kong/blob/master/alpine/Dockerfile

You specify the version and hash of it then it pulls down the proper version.


I’m well aware that Kong 0.12.0 has been officially released, and if you bothered to read my question, you would have noticed that I am not running docker images, but updating through the community repository instead (as the title of thread points out).

Even now, with 0.12.0 installed and running, I get this:

# apt list --upgradable
Listing... Done
kong-community-edition/jessie 0.12.0rc2 all [upgradable from: 0.12.0]

Please have a look at the repo and put the packages in order, at least.

Hi @PauloPeixoto,

We understand your concerns and are considering setting up two repos. As for this particular upgrade issue, could you please apt-get update & apt-get upgrade again?

Thank you!

Thank you for your helpful reply!
I tried that and now it’s asking to update to 0.12.1, so we will not know if the package priority has been resolved. But anyway, thank you for considering the two repos, that would definitely be the ideal solution!

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