Kong CE 0.12.2 & 0.13.0rc1 released

We have two Kong Community Edition releases to announce today: 0.12.2, and 0.13.0rc1.

The first is the latest stable version of our 0.12 family, and the second is a release candidate bringing support for new core entities that will ease the task of configuring Kong.

Download and try now Kong CE 0.12.2 or Kong CE 0.13.0rc1.

CE 0.12.2

Here are the notable items of this release, which is now considered the latest stable:

  • New endpoint /upstreams/:upstream_id/health to retrieve the health information of an Upstream as seen by the health checker.
  • New --yes flag for the kong migrations reset command to run in non-interactive mode.
  • Fix a few issues related to the load balancer and health checks initialization when using hostnames in Targets.
  • Fix some more issues in the Admin API and migration components.

See the 0.12.2 changelog for a complete list of changes included in this release.

Users running on the 0.12 family of releases are encouraged to upgrade to this new version. As usual, minor iterations do not introduce any migration or breaking changes.

CE 0.13.0rc1

This release candidate is made available for testing today. Its most notable change is the addition of two new core entities: Routes and Services This is an important evolutionary change that helps reducing configuration overhead.

While 0.13.0rc1 contains all of the changes listed in 0.12.2, it also comes with the following major additions:

  • :fireworks: The introduction of Routes and Services as new core entities. No more need to duplicate your API entities to apply different matching rules and plugins on your endpoints!
  • :fireworks: A new syntax for the proxy_listen and admin_listen directives allows you to disable the Proxy or the Admin API at once, meaning the separation of Kong control-planes and data-planes has never been that easy!
  • :fireworks: The new endpoints such as /routes and /services are built with much improved support for form-urlencoding payloads, and produce much friendlier responses. Expect existing endpoints to move towards this new implementation in the future and greatly improve the Admin API usability.
  • Fix several issues with our DNS resolver.
  • Fix several issues related to application/multipart MIME type parsing.

See the 0.13.0rc1 changelog for a complete list of changes included in this release candidate.

As a release candidate, we discourage the use of 0.13.0rc1 in production environments, but we strongly encourage testers to give it a try and give us your feedback! This forum is a great way to ask questions or post feedback, and the GitHub issues are still the de facto place for bug reports.

We wish to thank in advance all of the testers for this release candidate. The more more feedback we receive from the community, the faster we will release a stable version!