Kong CE 0.12.0 released

The Kong Engineering team is absolutely delighted to announce the availability of Kong CE 0.12.0.

Install Kong CE 0.12.0 now and give a try to its new shiny features!

Release highlights

  • Support for circuit-breaking. Smarter tracking of unhealthy upstream instances.
  • Support for passive health checks. On-the-fly circuit-breaking for unhealthy remote instances upon TCP or HTTP errors.
  • Support for active health checks. Preemptively short-circuit unhealthy remote instances with periodic HTTP test requests.
  • Support for hash-based load balancing. Kong now offers consistent hashing/sticky sessions load balancing.
  • Logging plugins now log requests that were short-circuited by Kong (such as HTTP 401 responses from auth plugins, or HTTP 429 responses from rate-limiting plugins).

Further readings

You can view the full Kong CE 0.12.0 Changelog for a detailed list of changes included in this release.

Consider spending some time browsing the Kong 0.12 documentation, and give some particular attention to the new health checks reference.

Consult the 0.12 Upgrade Path for a list of breaking changes and suggested migration steps.

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