Kong Admin API back up and restore

Now we are using Kong 0.14.1 and planned to update latest 1.0.3 in new cluster server. We are configured services, routes, consumer and plugins. How to backup from 0.14.1 and restore to 1.0.3 in clusters? Any one suggest me?

The upgrade process and considerations are described in https://github.com/Kong/kong/blob/master/UPGRADE.md. Depending on your backend, you should be able to use your db specific tools to create a backup from your old server and restore it on your new server and then follow the guide to make sure you have addressed the db and other configuration changes from 0.14 to 1.x.

I hope this helps.

As per the document plugins DAO schema was changed 1.0.3. So I think can’t able to db sync from old db into new db. But I have more than 1000 plugins configuration in 0.14.1 old server and how to move to new 1.0.3 server. Having any best practice?