Backup/export 0.14.1 cassandra and restore to a clone


I’m currently trying to setup a clone of our production setup.

How can I easily backup and restore everything except sessions ?
Would it to use the admin api with a GET request and then do an UPSERT?

Try this GitHub - Kong/deck: decK: Configuration management and drift detection for Kong and Kong Enterprise

Thx, i already looked at decK, doesn’t seem to be able to export data from kong DB.

  • decK only works for kongHQ >1.0.0 we are on 0.14.1

Use Konga with legacy version (0.13) to snapshot and restore. (I tested with Kong 0.14 and Konga 0.13) but basic-auth credentials didn’t work after restore.

Aha, so basically just initiate a new cluster with the same version.
And then use Konga to backup and restore, I will try that.