Cassandra being deprecated?

I noticed the following note in the unreleased section of the kong changelog

Could someone please clarify or confirm is this (deprecation of Cassandra) is true?
if so will Kong be providing a migration path off of Cassandra?

the linked blog article doesn’t exist, so it is a little hard to understand what this means, but I would certainly like to start planning things if the direction of kong moving forward is “no cassandra”

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Kong version 2.7 is now released, the link to the blog post was removed, and there is still no clarification about what is meant by that statement. No link to an associated GitHub issue or commit.

If Cassandra is being deprecated I would like to know as earlier on in the process as possible, so we can start planning our migration/strategies.

Could someone point me to more information about this deprecation?

edit: found this similar question: Cassandra to postgres migration

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went through the github commits, found the following

but there is no additional information, and as one user commented the blog post link that was originally going to be included in the change log got removed.

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