Kong 1.0 alpine dockerfile

Hi Kong Team,

https://hub.docker.com/_/kong/ only appears to have up to 1.0 RC3 available. Are you planning on making the full 1.0 GA dockerfile available via that portal?


Looks like you have it here: https://github.com/Kong/docker-kong/blob/master/alpine/Dockerfile

Just not linked out to from the docker hub

Just a heads up that the link Docker Hub is in progress here: https://github.com/docker-library/official-images/pull/5209

Just to clarify: the Docker Hub images always follow a release by at least a couple of days, nothing unusual here.

This delay may increase if the Docker Hub team finds something preventing our image from being published as-is, as it is the case for 1.0. It should be up in a few days at most.