Kong official docker images broken?

Howdy, I’m trying to run kong on docker\kubernetes and I tried a bunch of images (0.13,0.11,0.11,2,some of the alpine images) and all of them share the same feature. if I run “kong” inside of those nothing happens. doing echo $? return 132. i tried running /usr/local/bin/kong but the result is the same.

Is it just me or all of those are broken?

I’m using ubuntu 16.04\windows docker hosts with one of the latest docker versions. both of them fail in this same manner.

If they are fine, please explain what am I doing wrong?

Sorry about that @Meizu_M2_Mini we caused a temporary issue with our Docker images - please accept my apologies. They should all be working now - please let us know if you find otherwise, thanks!

Hey, its okay. I think I ended up building my own image, but it was long time ago, i dont really remember, sorry :wink: things happen.