Pongo: a new plugin test tool

Happy to announce that we just open sourced a new Kong Plugin test tool called “Pongo”. The first tool that cannot only test plugins against the open source version of Kong, but also against Kong Enterprise!

Usage instruction are in the Pongo repository. The tool is based on Docker, so more light-weight and faster than the existing Vagrant solution.

Happy testing, and please file any issues you run into as issues on the Github repo!


Why not provide an official docker image to run on any ci system?

trying to do a base image to run on my plugins pipeline bit getting problems with docker in docker:

FROM ubuntu:20.04 as build
USER root

RUN mkdir /home/myuser/apps/
COPY --chown=myuser:myuser kong-pongo /home/myuser/apps/kong-pongo
RUN apt update \
    && apt install -y make docker-compose curl
USER myuser

WORKDIR /home/myuser/apps/kong-pongo/pongo_wd

CMD ["../assets/docker/pongo-docker.sh"]

the error when i start without any more args:

kongpongo_1  | docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?.
kongpongo_1  | See 'docker run --help'.
kongpongo_1  | /usr/bin/rm: cannot remove '/home/myuser/apps/kong-pongo/pongo_wd/.containerid': No such file or directory
kongpongo_-kongpongo_1 exited with code 125

Any idea/help?

have you tried the examples mentioned here: GitHub - Kong/kong-pongo: Tooling to run plugin tests with Kong and Kong Enterprise