Pongo/testing in CI

I am trying to set up automated testing in our CI. We run our CI in Docker. I do not think granting our CI container access to the Docker socket is a good idea (recommended way of running Pongo in Docker). Because of that, I am trying to set up busted in such a way that it can still run tests with the Kong test helpers. We also do not have any additional services we need to start at the moment, which removes our need for Docker Compose entirely. If that need does arise in the future, I will use the CI tooling to spin up additional services.

For as far I can see, the Pongo test image where the test runner runs in is just a standard Kong image with some extra things. I have recreated those things in our test image when necessary. However, there’s one thing I cannot get working, and that’s the Kong test helpers. I am talking about the helpers you can include with require('spec.helpers'). I have located those in the main Kong repository (kong/spec at master · Kong/kong · GitHub) and since the Pongo test image inherits from the Kong image, I sort of assumed they would be included with Kong. This does not seem to be the case. Does anyone know how to include those helpers in a Docker image? Or if they are included, how I can require them in Lua?