[Docs] Bintray service shuts down in May


In the Kong API Gateway installation documentation, one of the steps (if you install it with apt) is to get the key hosted in Bintray.

As you can read in this statement (and in the Bintray homepage) the service will shutdown in May 1st: https://jfrog.com/blog/into-the-sunset-bintray-jcenter-gocenter-and-chartcenter/

So the key should be migrated to another hosting to be available in May.

Thanks for your support.

And I think not only the key but the .debs too (the repository is hosted in bintray).

This is going to become an issue shortly, so adding a response in the hope that it helps this issue get noticed.

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Dear Kong maintainers,

Any other location where to find the official Kong delivery (especially the one for Alpine)??
Kong latest release notes/posts here are still referencing Bintray… but there are less than 20 days left for Bintray before dying + currently experimenting 403 or 502 status code when trying to fetch the files (and not really worth investigating why these status code, because everything will be disabled very very soon)…

Thanks for your feedbacks!


Based on the ticket raised in Github

It appears that kong is now aware of the issue:

Hi all,

We have been working on the migration from the Bintray, stay tuned!

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Came across this thread after recently noticing the banner message on Bintray. Since Bintray is performing rolling brownouts, the service is becoming less reliable. Has there been any progress on the process for how Kong will be migrating from Bintray?

Currently use Bintray for downloading Kong for RHEL and Ubuntu images. Without being able to access a built image, is the next best option to do our own building from source?

Thanks for raising this. We were aware of the shutdown though the brownout caught us unprepared.

Per my post in announcements we’re aiming to have a solution in place before the next brown out period of April 26th

https://kong.bintray.com/kong-deb/kong-2.3.2.xenial.amd64.deb → Forbidden! NOW :warning:

Until there’s a complete fix, try adding this to your helm chart values if you’re still struggling:

repository: kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller

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