No package available

Hi im new with kong and all the IT system.
Using centos 7 now.
I had created repo:

#bintray–kong-kong-community-edition-rpm - packages by from Bintray

but when i run: yum install kong-community-edition-0.12.1.*.noarch.rpm --nogpgcheck
I have error

No package kong-community-edition-0.12.1.*.noarch.rpm available.
Error: Nothing to do

What did i do wrong here. Pls tell me

Try running this instead:

yum install kong-community-edition

(the command with the full name is for the case where you download the rpm files individually instead of setting up the repo file)

Hi @hisham
follow your suggestion, i did run the command and delete the repo file but still have the same messsage

No package kong-community-edition available.

@truonga6k46 You have a typo in your .repo file’s name property (your dash after “bintray” looks invalid). I had no issue with the following steps:

$ wget -O bintray-kong-kong-community-edition-rpm.repo

# edit .repo to add /centos/7
$ cat bintray-kong-kong-community-edition-rpm.repo
$ sudo mv bintray-kong-kong-community-edition-rpm.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
$ sudo yum install kong-community-edition

Notice how the name attribute has two dashes after “bintray” (it seems to also work with one).

@truonga6k46 my suggestion to use the yum install kong-community-edition command with the package name only was to be done in conjunction with the repo addition, not instead of it.

  • When using the repo file as described by @thibaultcha, use yum install kong-community-edition
  • When not using the repo file, then you need to download the rpm file from bintray directly and use the long form with yum install kong-community-edition-0.12.1.*.noarch.rpm --nogpgcheck