Setting up Kong's CentOS repository

The Kong repository on Bintray has gone through a small refactor. Make sure you append the OS info to the baseurl field in the repo config file. For instance, if you are running on CentOS 7:


Notice the centos/7 suffix. This change is needed for YUM to resolve the correct package to install in your system. Documentation on has been updated to reflect this change.

So, we are having a problem downloading from this location still. We get challenged with a login page. The instructions here don’t seem to help. Can you please let us know whether there is something we are missing here?

Ok, I found the downloads proper:

Then I can look through and download versions stored there. It would have been nice to be more notified about this, broke a lot of builds for us.

@caledhwa, yes, you are right - thanks for fixing it!