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Hello all,

As many of you know, Kong has historically hosted many of our software downloads on Bintray, which has recently announced it’s sunsetting its service. In an effort to mitigate user impact as much as possible, Kong has migrated its downloads to a variety of alternative locations:Kong Gateway standard file (.rpm, .deb, and other single files) download locations have been migrated onto including apt and yum repositories. Check the install instructions of your OS of choice for the latest install instructions with updated locations

Kong Gateway Docker images can be found on Docker Hub. Apache2 licensed images remain in their previous location and Free/Enterprise images can be found at Docker Hub

The Kong Ingress Controller (KIC) Docker image can be found on Docker Hub at Docker Hub

Repository metadata signing hasn’t yet been made available but we’re working on it. We believe we’ve updated the docs but please raise any concerns / issues you might find

Colin Hutchinson

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may I request that the APT repositories have to be signed ? Should I open a Github issue ?


Repository metadata signing (including for our apt repositories) is pending but coming very soon. We’re aligned that it’s important but didn’t want to rush / get it wrong and errode trust in us.

We’ll update this thread when signing is implemented as well as updating the docs to reflect.

Hi @hutchic ,
I used to get the tar file for Alpine OS, located at${KONG_VERSION}.amd64.apk.tar.gz, but I’m not able to find it anymore in the new download hierarchy.
Any hint on where to find it now? Will you add it soon?

Thanks a lot for your help!

The download index page has a bug (fix pending) where it lists all deb/rpm’s but fails with things that are released under the type of “file”.

The location follows the naming convention of the other release types so alpine tar.gz’s can be found

@hutchic any update about signing keys?

two weeks later, any update about signing keys?

This is still on our radar – we’re still somewhat blocked by a bug on the software we’re using for software distirbution.

@hutchic , I’m having trouble downloading the repository configuration:

It replies with 500 Internal Server Error.

Is this related to the bug previously mentioned?

any update on signing keys? the last update from Kong staff was June 23rd 2021.

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