Bintray Sunsetting

Hello all,

Wanted to let everyone know that we are aware of the impending bintray sunsetting, including the brownout scheduled for April 26.

We plan on having a solution in place, documented and communicated to everyone prior to the 26th. Our goal is for the transition to be as painless as possible.

More details to follow.


Any News?
Forbidden! NOW

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Be advised!
The Docker registry for the following docker image is broken:
If you try to pull this image you get error:
error pulling image configuration: error parsing HTTP 403 response body: invalid character ‘F’ looking for beginning of value: “Forbidden!”

This problem broke my production.
To fix the issue I built the Docker from the source code in the Github repo:

And pushed the image to a private registry.
I update the Kong YAML file to use my private registry image and the Kong ingress is back.

If you need help with the process post your questions here.

There is an official replacement available in the new location (Docker Hub):


All of Kong’s Ingress Controller images have been migrated from Bintray to Docker Hub (to the kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller repository). The Helm chart, as well as deploy manifests, have been updated to point to the new locations.

If you’re using an old setup and cannot upgrade to the newest patch version, please manually point your configuration to the new location.

More info / GH issue: Outage: Bintray end of activity migration · Issue #337 · Kong/charts · GitHub

Thanks for the update.

Have a good one.


New download locations are available and documented where necessary

The learning lab is referring to the all-in-one-dbless.yaml which in turn still uses

IDK how it still works for the lab, but outside of lab env it doesn’t.

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