Announcing Kongverge - Desired State Configuration for Kong

My team at Just Eat have just open-sourced our desired state configuration tool for Kong.

You can see the details on our github repo.

The aim was to build a tool taking inspiration from Kongfig and similar tools, but using a desired state approach, making it possible to run the tool frequently as a check, and to make rolling back configuration changes a trivial operation.

It runs on dotnet core, so it’s cross platform and there’s documentation on installing the tool and using it in the repo.

It’s not yet a 1.0 release, and it’s not been tested against the Kong 1.0 RC, but we’re going to be using it in production from now on.

Let us know what you think, if you have any issues using it and any ideas to contribute!


Without looking into it in too much detail, my first thought is I’m just wondering if any of the concepts in here or code or modules can be applied to Kong Ingress Controller as generally that takes rules from Kubernetes and tries to put kong configuration in sync with those rules as well. So pretty much desired state.

Ingress Controller currently creates configuration in Kong but it’s not smart with Update yet.

I hope you’ll choose to PR addition of Kongverge to - to get started, see - and feel free to ping me, I’m here to help!

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It’s on our to-do list, but we seem to be pretty busy at the moment. Hopefully we’ll be adding it in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for the support!

One of the team has now submitted a PR to get Kongverge into the kong hub.

Would appreciate any feedback.