You cannot consume this service

I’m trying to configure a service with key-auth plugin using the kong-ingress-controller v0.3.0 and kong v1.1.0

When I curl the service curl I get a response {“message”:“You cannot consume this service”}

Service config

I got this working after I issued a command to link the group to the consumerm, how ever I can’t see a way to do this using kubernetes ingress definition, is this a bug or am I missing something?


curl -X POST http://kong:8001/consumers/app-checkin-consumer/acls \
    --data "group=app-checkin-consumer"

what seems to have been missing in my config was the KongCredential with a type of ACL to associate the consumer and group

kind: KongCredential
  name: app-checkin
consumerRef: app-checkin-consumer
type: acl
  group: "app-checkin"

A working example of a service with ACL and Key-Auth configured can be found here: