Cannot figure out ACL plugin


I am using the OSS version of kong 3.5, and I’m trying to enable ACL plugin on one of my routes. (I’m using Kong manager)
Currently I have a route with name “example_route” and a consumer with username “example_consumer”.
On the route, I have enabled plugin key authentication. Inside consumer’s credentials, I have added a new key-auth credential.
Up to this step, everything worked as expected.
Then I enabled the ACL plugin on the “example_route” and added “example_consumer” in the allowed section.
However, my request now fails with error message “You cannot consume this service”.

Is it possible, that it’s because my consumer is not in a group? The problem is, I cannot create consumer groups in OSS version of Kong.


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Hi, I’ve figured it out.
After I enable the ACL plugin, I must define the ACL group within consumer credentials.

Now it works as expected.

Hi @dwarce can you tell me what you mean by defining the ACL group within consumer credentials? I think I have the same or similar problem. I use Kong db-less in Kubernetes and everything works for me including authentication, but the ACL won’t work because I cannot assign consumers to groups.
King regards :slight_smile: