Kong Ingress Controller : Configure ACL without KongCredentials

I’m reading the documentation, and I’m a bit confused.
I want to use the ACL Plugin on a Kong Ingress Controller

So for that, I need :

  • 1 Ingress
  • 1 Service
  • 1 KongPlugin
  • 1 KongConsumer (at least)
  • 1 KongCredentials

But the thing is … KongCredentials is marked as Deprecated, so for the moment, I could use it, I have the CRD on my cluster but it’s not a solution that will last …

KongCredentials is the thing that make the link between KongPlugin and KongConsumer, so … do you have an exemple on how to implement it without KongCredentials ?

Use k8s secrets instead of KongCredential CRD:

So … I put everything I’ve got in KongCredentials into my Secret and that should work ?
Do you have an example of this ?

Yes. Please see the above guide. That has an example of key-auth. For acl, change the cred type to acl and instead of key, supply a group.

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