Upgrade Kong API 0.13 to 0.14

Now we are using Kong API 0.13 version with admin API (deprecated). how to upgrade 0.14 with services and routes without micro service API downtime?

Any one suggest me…

API resources still work. Create the same API resource as a Service + Route combination. When done delete the API resource and send a call through the gateway and ensure the route resource picks up the call. Be sure to test it in your lower logical environment before trying in production though :slight_smile: .

We’ve been working on improving our documentation about upgrades and migrations - you can see these brand-new docs here https://docs.konghq.com/enterprise/0.33-x/upgrades-migrations/ (note that while those docs are in the Kong EE docs section, much of the content applies to Kong CE too).

Thanks for your suggestions…

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btw I’ve created a simple python script to migrate APIs to Services/Routes here: https://github.com/pajel/kong-api-to-service-migration

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