Integrate services and routes with customer id and apikey for authentication

I have seen the webinars that have been done by kong specialists and also i have googled it for some other tutorials, all that are describing about ‘API MANAGEMENT’, but in some places of kong documentation, i can see a warning that ‘API is deprecated’, use ‘Service and routes’ or ‘Change your API to Services and routes’. Please help me with this whether i have to use API (or) Service and Routes.
Thanks in advance

I think you have to consider a simple question:

  1. Would you be happy to sit on Kong 13.x for the rest of your applications lifespan as the gateway solution?

If your answer is no, and I believe thats what the general answer for most would be, then definitely go with services/routes. I already made the transition and its honestly not that bad, its the exact same implementation just about if you choose it to be so, where you make a service for every route 1 to 1 if desired (In our case we chose flexibility with auth plugins and configuration settings which requires 1 to 1 service<->route creation in Kong’s current implementation).

I would say if your use of Kong is in its infancy then don’t build around deprecated patterns, use what they plan to support in the near term future (and even that is subject to change! so prepare to be agile :slight_smile: ).