Upgrade from 0.14 to 1.0

Hello, I have a small single node setup based on docker and a little downtime is acceptable.
This is the compose file I am using: https://gitlab.steinkopf.net/snippets/7

Is there any howto for upgrading? I found “Upgrade Path from 0.14” in Kong 1.0 (rc4) available for testing
What do I have to do in my simple setup?
Just pull the new versions? This would just run kong migrations up (see service kong-migration). Should I also run kong migrations finish?

Thank you very much

Hey if you didn’t get this figured out yet, there are instructions in the 1.0 release post.

Thank you very much. It seems this “official” realease info is very similay (identical?) to the one I read about 1.0 rc4.
My question concentrates on the importance of kong migrations finish. It seems to be new. Is it important (mandatory on a single node system)?

If yes, then it seems my steps reduce to:

  1. add a new “helper” service kong-migration-finish in compose file (change dependencies to: kong -> kong-migration-finish -> kong-migration)
  2. shut down kong (docker-compose stop kong)
  3. start kong: docker-compose up -d kong - this should run kong migrations up AND kong migrations finish via dependencies.

Any corrections to add?

@dsteinkopf That sounds correct.

Running kong migrations finish might not be necessary in every upgrade but in most I think.

Running kong migrations up && kong migrations finish will do the trick but you will not be leveraging the advantage of blue-green upgrades for Kong, then, which from your comment of having a single node seems okay.

By trying in a testing environment I found out:

  • kong migrations finish IS necessary.
  • running kong migrations up && kong migrations finish in a docker-compose service won’t work (well).
  • I ended in doing “everything” step by step manually after shut down:
    • start database
    • kong migrations up (single step via docker-compose service)
    • kong migrations finish (also)
    • start kong

This also worked well in my production env.
Thank you for your help.

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