Unable to login Kong Developer portal

I have installed Kong Enterprise 2.7 in AWS EKS. I have used Basic Auth for kong gateway and portal login. When I use Chrome browser to login with super admin user in kong manager, Submit button shows progress with just “Submitting”. I can see below error in chrome console:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)

So I used Firefox and I am able to login Kong Manager. Is there any issue with chrome browser?

Now, I used Firefox for dev portal but unable to login. I don’t see any errors in console as well as in Network section of Firefox browser inspect. Please see below images:

FYI, I am using baisc auth for portal as well. I also used only http for Kong manager and portal. Please see below helm configuration details from my values.yaml file.

portal_session_conf secret created for file:


kubectl create secret generic kong-session-config -n kong --from-file=admin_gui_session_conf --from-file=portal_session_conf

Then used as below in values.yaml:

    portal_auth: basic-auth
    portal_auth_conf: '{"hide_credentials": true}'
              name: kong-session-config
              key: portal_session_conf

I suspect this is cookie issue but not sure. Please assist how can I fix this login issue to developer portal

There is no suitable information in any Kong documentation about this error and also not getting proper response from Kong support team. Please assist on this.

Have a look at Getting Kong Manager to work (and also Kong Developer Portal) - SvenWal - the cookie_domain is the usual issue here

thanks @SvenWal . yes, I already had a look into this. Adding cookie_domain too did not resolve the issue as I am using AWS EKS. I added portal session as below:


Interesting thing is, I don’t see any error when I don’t use cookie_domain. And when use it, I get below error in firefox console:

Cookie “portal_cookie” has been rejected for invalid domain.