Unable to login developer portal

I tried making so many changes in portal session config but unable to login and getting redirected to login page. I removed cookie_domain as well but getting same issue. Below are the details

In env values.yaml:
portal_auth: basic-auth
portal_session_conf: ‘{“cookie_name”:“portal_session”,“secret”:“portal-secret-kong”,“storage”:“kong”,“cookie_secure”:false,“cookie_samesite”:“off”,“cookie_domain”:“ap-south-1.elb.amazonaws.com”}’

protocol: http
Kong manager: no issues with it.
Environment used is AWS EKS with DB

First I registered user with these details test, test@abc.com and password , using default devportal. Then saw in kong manager developer section, user is there and auto approved.
Now tried to login with creds: test@abc.com, password but I don’t see any error, it just keeps me on the same login page.

In images, you can see no errors.

Please assist.