Kong Developer portal


I have installed KONG API gateway using docker. Can anyone suggest how to get Kong Developer portal with this one.

I am not sure if installation is Community Edition or EE as I have followed default docket configuration step as provided in Kong official website.

Thanks in advance!

Baharul Islam

You are using the community edition. There is no developer portal for community edition. You can get in touch with Kong for a trial run of their Enterprise offerings if you need such features.


Thanks for your reply. Now I have installed trial version of Kong Enterprise version in docker based. Now I am able to connect with service and routing. But getting error in Dev Portal as below


But when replacing "
" with actual IP address getting error as below

In docker image start-up it’s given like <“KONG_PORTAL_GUI_HOST=” > I have tried with localhost:8003 or actualIP:8003 at start-up , but always getting same error

Can anyone please help on this.

Baharul Islam

Any one …any help on this ??

@Baharul Since you’re using Kong Enterprise, please contact Kong Enterprise support channel at support.konghq.com

Hi @hbagdi , Thanks . It’s working fine now after making changes as suggested by Support channel.

As per instruction I need to change configuration of Developer host from to actual system IP at the time of docker run.