OIDC on Kong Manager

I’m unable to login in the kong manager got error on the browser invalid credentials

setting on kong.conf file
“consumer_by”: [“username”,“custom_id”],
“consumer_claim”: [“email”],
“ssl_verify”: false,
“leeway”: 60,

This setting on my kong manager and I am using Keycloak as IDP.
In the error log of kong gateway (error.log)

2024/02/10 18:45:56 [notice] 61587#0: *176 [lua] responses.lua:24: [openid-connect] invalid status code received from the token endpoint (400), client:, server: kong_admin, request: “GET /auth?state=PyBsA0fz0HY_iIYV3ZmIt0Fk&session_state=c4819c00-0cfb-4951-ad3c-51f719832284&code=cedaa93a-9021-4c7c-966d-f7ab5e9c400c.c4819c00-0cfb-4951-ad3c-51f719832284.fead8fc6-37d0-4c64-965e-3f1f7acd HTTP/1.1”,

Or can you please tell me the steps to configure Keycloak for the kong manager. It may chances kong manager not exactly get all the information as required from the token.

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I figure it out myself If anyone need any help reply here.