Minimal Kong deployment on GKE

I’m trying out Kong on an existing cluster on GKE, using the all-in-one-dbless yaml:

What I’m doing is just route traffic to my internal Services with some Ingress resources, have them rate limited using KongPlugin and make each endpoint ask for a token at the Authorization header with OIDC plugin config with Keycloak (after modifying the base Kong image with ENV KONG_PLUGINS oidc).

Everything is working fine so far. But after scanning through the all-in-one-dbless yaml file, I was wondering is this the most minimal yaml to get Kong up and running? Is there anything that I can shave off?

Firstly, I am seeing 6 CRDs in the yaml file:

  • KongClusterPlugin
  • KongConsumer
  • KongCredential
  • KongIngress
  • KongPlugin
  • TCPIngress
    After reading the docs on the github repo, I think I would only make use of KongPlugin and maybe KongIngress, not all of them. I did go and try removing some of the CRDs, but most of the time the ingress-controller fails to start and the logs read that it could not find the CRDs defined.
    Is there anyway to maybe remove some of the CRDs and add it when I need it in the future?

Secondly, in the yaml file also defines a ServiceAccount. If I already have a ServiceAccount defined for my cluster, can I just add the necessary apiGroups, reousrces to the existing ServiceAccount and refer it to the Deployment of kong-ingress-controller?

Third one is that the Kong-proxy service is using these 2 annotations:

Lastly, there is a Service, kong-validation-webhook, what purpose does it serve and do I need this for a normal installation?
I did try removing it and everything still runs fine. Is this the yaml file behind it?
I’m not very familiar with and have a vague understanding that an admission webhook prevents some similar Resources from conflicting with each other (?)

I did my best to look through the docs to see if these are all mandatory but still not sure.

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Not yet. The controller requires all the CRDs as of now. This is something we would like to change in future. A Github issue for this feature request would be helpful.


No. You can safely remove those.


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Thanks for the quick response, @hbagdi, it helped me clear things up.