Kong not proxying correctly?

Currently running 0.9.9 and looking to use kong to bridge the transition between my api instances and k8/istio implementation. Before I get into canary-releasing and such I just need to make sure I can reach 1:1 on both sides.

My current configuration looks as follows:
upstream_url: “http://api-user.stage.domain.com
request_path: “/user/stage”

upstream_url: “http://test.k8s.domain.io/user/v2
request_path: “/test/user/v2”

preserve_host is false
strip_request_path is true for both

If I attempt to curl to https://kong.domain.com/user/stage/profile i get the expected profile information back.
If I attempt to curl to https://kong.domain.com/test/user/v2/profile I do not get anything back and it does not appear as if my request goes to the k8s cluster. However if I attempt my curl directly from the kong instance to the test cluster I get my expected profile back.

This seems like a misunderstanding on my part, but I’m unclear on what’s missing. I can see that my upstream url looks correct (when i strip the request_path). The only message I see in the access.log file is a GET /user/v2/profile so I can only assume it’s stripping out correctly, but does not appear to be going forward to the upstream server (I show no logs of any requests on the test.k8s.domain.io side).