Kong redirect only to the upstream url

Hi, Iam new to kong and I am using kong version 0.12.1, hereby I am aware with kong api. I able to make call to my desired url using upstream url in kong proxy with the host header which is created in kong-admin, e.g method GET, url https:kong-proxy.com/api/controllerMethod, header HOST: https://example.com/, it can call the URL as https://example.com/api/controllerMerthod it is working fine,
but my expectation is when I access the url using above method, it should calls only https://example.com
is there any possibilities to execute this
Your suggestions are much appreciated… Thank you


Make sure you have strip_uri checked. This will ensure that the uri is stripped and the backend url is called as is mentioned in the upstream url that is calling it.

Hope this helps.

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