Kong 0.13.2 upstream_url not redirecting correctly


I am running into an issue redirecting to the upstream_url, and not entirely sure where I am going wrong.

I run my application behind the Kong APIGW, and the normal routes are working fine. I change the upstream_url to a custom HTTPS statuspage.io domain (as in the case of an outage) and instead of the custom domain, it goes to www.statuspage.io.

I have ensured that strip_uri is true and preserve_host is true. I suspect I am not passing the correct headers, but troubleshooting that has been difficult. I did find (once when I left preserve_host as false to test on a whim) that it was resolving to the IP address and then attempted to contact the remote end that way? Unless I misread it entirely…

Anyone have any experiences with this?


Hi, a lot has changed since 0.13.x. It’s possible that your current problem can be solved via upgrading. Have you considered it?